500 Photographers by Peter Wisse

Still from a video project by Justin Maxon

It seems like I've referenced Peter Wisse's 500 Photographers a lot lately. It's a fantastic project where he's going out and searching the big ol' internet for great and interesting working photographers, and putting a few samples and writeup on his blog. He's got a great goal of adding five a week for 100 weeks until he hits 500. So far, the variety and range of work has been eye-opening, and the following the breadcrumbs laid down by the work has taken me into some really fascinating places. Not just stills, but of course the fascinating and beautiful mix of video and stills that is the new world order.

If you haven't been there already, head there and check it out, people. And if you happen to get overwhelmed or intimidated by the amount of great work out there, remember, it's all a remix. So you might as well add your noise to track.

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