The idea

After spending some fun time yesterday on Chase Jarvis Live answering questions about shoots, creativity and the general mayhem that occurs when trying to bring a creative vision to life, I realized we had only scratched the surface. We had so many questions flying around, ranging from the practical specific to the broadest questions about how to maintain creativity in living life.

It really made me think. And it made me appreciate the world I work and live in. I'm surrounded by smart, creative people doing interesting things, and I work for a fantastic company with a mission and way of doing business that nicely aligns with my own thinking. Much of what Chase and I talked about (and it's also what he's covered in previous blog posts) is about tapping into the community around you.

So I thought I'd kick start a blog with the intent of connecting some of the dots in my life that haven't been connected in the past. My idea is to have this place be a collector and airing space for ideas, concepts and ways for me and those I know to work and live more creatively.

Let's hope it works.

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