The tiny card challenge

As giant cards, cheap memory, terabytes of storage and massively pixeled cameras become the norm, more and more pictures are being taken, stored and distributed. But what if you could only take one or two pictures per session? What would they look like? How many times would you put your finger on the shutter button and then ease it off.

Enter the tiny card challenge. We all probably have a tiny memory card lying around where. Maybe it came with some seven-generations-ago camera. I found a 48 MB card. The co-creator of this idea, Erik Hecht, dug deep and came up with a nice 16 MB SD card. That's right 16 megabytes. Not gigs, but megabytes. Basically a couple of low-fi jpegs on one card. Which is the crux of the challenge we're going to undertake -- head out with a tiny card and see which pictures we keep. He's already posted a few of his shots here.

Search your desk drawers and join the challenge, and let's see if less truly is more.

Erik's awesome find, and icon for the project.

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